Social Media Marketing


Trekaroo has a dedicated social media team who engages with our audiences and influencers on social media every day and is dedicated to building relationships with the top influencers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. The Trekaroo Influencer Network can also be engaged to participate in Twitter parties, contests, giveaways, and challenges that generate conversation and encourage engagement with your destination or brands social media handles.

Every social media campaign is tracked using hashtags so your marketing team can measure the success of every campaign you run with our network of influencers.

Three Types of Social Media Campaigns


Giveaways are a mainstay of Trekaroo. Our audience participates enthusiastically for a chance to win travel prizes. We use giveaways as a way to drive specific conversion goals like newsletter sign ups, increase social media following and engagement, or page views of specific sponsored stories.


Contests are a great way to engage a travel crazed audience and influencer network to share their love and passion for travel. Our contests make it fun for families to express themselves, share what they are proud off, and build brand recognition and engagement for our destination and brand sponsors. Our contests are designed to maximize viral sharing on social media.

Live Social Media Events

Trekaroo works with your destinations and local businesses to host a fun event for a select group of local influencers and their families. By providing a setting for networking and bonding that showcase your destination or business, influencers turnaround and share their excitement with their own audiences via photos and videos on social media and through editorial on their blogs and

Social Media Marketing Success Stories


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Sponsors: Undercover Tourist, Caribe Royal Orlando, Howard Johnson Anaheim, Disneyland Resorts

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Beach Vacation Giveaway

Sponsor: Hilton Garden Inn, Carlsbad Beach

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Tire Giveaway

Sponsor: Hilton Garden Inn, Carlsbad Beach

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