Influencer Marketing Solutions

Families trust the advice of other families when it comes to making travel decisions. Trekaroo’s influencer marketing approach relies on the power of story and authentic conversation.

Through The Trekaroo Influencer Network, destinations and travel brands can tap into the collective power of highly influential storytellers and social media buzz makers.


Pick the Right Influencers

Trekaroo helps marketers identify and recruit the right influencers with the right mix of personality, audience, engagement.


Craft the Perfect Story

We transform your key marketing message into a series of stories that we immerse influencers in. Together we provide them with unforgettable experiences they can’t wait to share about.


Spark Inspiration & Conversation

Our professional editorial team guide influencers to produce quality content and spark engagement around destination or brand.


Amplify with Social Media

Campaign strategists ensure that content and social media tactics work cohesively to drive cross-promotion and amplification.


Convert on key metrics

Trekaroo campaigns have clear deliverables and employ best practices to bring measurable conversion on key metrics.

The right mix of solutions convert stories into measurable results.

Solutions for All Budgets

Marketers can reach traveling families via the publishing and social media channels alone, or engage the Trekaroo Influencer Network’s expanded audience with any of these marketing solutions.

Content Marketing

Trekaroo’s award-winning editorial team crafts compelling stories that integrate native content marketing for brands. Careful selection of themes and professional editorial process ensure quality content, and protect authenticity and trust with influencers and their audiences.

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Blog Tours

Blog Tours engage a group of handpicked influencers who collaborate to tell stories and engage on social around a brand or destination. Each blogger brings a unique perspective and a different niche audience. Trekaroo provides expert leadership, editorial guidance, accountability, coordination that produces an amplified and consistent message.


Social Media Marketing

Trekaroo’s Influencer Network consists of some of the top social media influencers that parents follow. Our campaign strategists are experts in introducing destinations and travel brands into conversations through fun social media events like contests, giveaways, Twitter parties, Instagram, and Pinterest Challenges. Trekaroo finds the right influencers and marketing partners to propels your destination or brand into the center of social media conversation.

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Targeted Display Ads

Targeted display ads target a niche family travel audience with messages that provide a compelling reason for traveling families visiting Trekaroo and blogger websites to click-through to a sponsor’s website. Trekaroo has the ability to target ads to families in specific geographical areas and to those who are looking for information about a specific destination.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing offers marketers the opportunity to speak directly to Trekaroo’s subscribers. We are also able to target the newsletter subscriber base of the Trekaroo Influencer Network to target specific demographics, geographical markets, or interest groups.